Captured at the Summit of Mt. Kosciouzko, Australia's tallest peak by Sid Naidu @thekidsid

Captured at the Summit of Mt. Kosciouzko, Australia's tallest peak by Sid Naidu @thekidsid

After being on the constant move around the world for close to two years, one would think I would now be used to living a life on the road with never ending uncertainty & the consistent need to adapt for survival.

By now I personally have felt like I’ve packed & unpacked over 100 times through my journeys. My mind is attuned to the never ending process of prepping & planning while on the go, to make sense of the different goals I need to accomplish in each destination.

By now the long distance journeys from country to country & city to city has become a normal part of my life. I’ve covered more grounds in the last two years than some people have been able to cover in a decade or even a lifetime. I’ve given up on the idea of being comfortable with the countless lack of sleeps along the bumpy roads, winding train tracks & turbulent skies.

Is this the life I chose?
Captured from the summit of Mt Kosciouzko by Enosh Kennedy  

Captured from the summit of Mt Kosciouzko by Enosh Kennedy  

The honest truth is that sometimes even I question the sense of this journey more than I want to admit.

I question whether I’m cut out to keep on doing this and if I’m actually able to accomplish these dreams of being internationally based as a creative change maker.

More and more often, I question if can actually make this dream of mine work as my resources run low & my idea of not making money an obstacle no longer feels relevant.

I get drained and overwhelmed by not being able to make sense of it all.

Then somewhere along another 11.5 hour overnight train transit, I look out the window and see the stars closer than I’ve seen before.

I pause.. and realize how far this journey has already taken me. At that moment all the self doubt and fears disappear. I stop questioning if I’m actually accomplishing anything & start asking myself again,

how can I serve others through the work I do?
Stay Posted by Sid Naidu @thekidsid 

Stay Posted by Sid Naidu @thekidsid 

When I left the security of full time career in 2014, it was to focus on my own growth & development so I could continue to be a light for others around me.

Since then I’ve been able to live between Canada, India, South East Asia & Australia.

Since then I’ve been able to complete over 25 unique journeys over land & sea between different destinations, meeting people with some the most humbling stories.

In this moment I’ve gained the most amount of real life experience and learning from a global environment than I would have ever been able to gain from the search of stability.

It took me a while to realize that even when I’ve felt defeated by not having a clear sense of direction in my journey, I’ve always found a way to keep on moving.

And during the times I’ve got caught up in the noise of the world and lost sight of the reason I was chasing my personal legend, I’ve always found a way to keep on dreaming.

Now the frustration from my packing rituals have became a constant test to figure out different strategies for the types of kits that would work on the road. The sleepless nights in transit have become sacred hours that I use to focus on writing, reading & reflection.

I understand now that my journey will only unfold as far as I’m willing to grow & for this very reason, I must stay on the go because the journey must continue..

Is this the life that I chose?

“No, this is the life that chose me.”

Have faith in your journey & road ahead!

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Summit of Mt Kosciouzko. Shot by Enosh Kennedy

Summit of Mt Kosciouzko. Shot by Enosh Kennedy

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