Sydney Hustle by Sid Naidu @thekidsid on instagram

Sydney Hustle by Sid Naidu @thekidsid on instagram

This year I've been taking trips between Melbourne & Sydney like it's a casual drive from Toronto to Montreal with the major difference in comparison being the sheer distance between the two Australian cities 

Each time I cross between Melbourne & Sydney, it's an 11.5 hour overnight journey over 900 km versus the 500 km and 5–6 hours driven between Toronto and Montreal.

By the time this post is published it will be my third return trip from Sydney and you can bet that it won’t be my last for the year as I continue to navigate and move between different destinations during my artist residency here in Australia.

Since the start of the year I’ve calculated close to 10 long distance journeys with an estimated 4000 km in distance traveled. All of this being done with the personal goal of keeping my transits in Australia strictly overland by either train, bus or car.

World in Transit Sydney by Sid Naidu @thekidsid on instagram

World in Transit Sydney by Sid Naidu @thekidsid on instagram

Why so much time spent in transit you may wonder?

From my first solo journey to Europe in 2005 I began taking the over land transits between countries and found that it was one of the most down to earth ways to let the world passing by. I then continued to do shorter rail journeys within Canada & long haul ones through out India & China.

I’ve done road trips & bus journeys through Central America, where my fondest memories would be waking up to a new world of wanders from cloud mountains making the road disappear to spots of secluded communities living in their humbling homes along the highway routes.

If movement has become my life then transit has become my way to pause and breathe in this life momentarily.

World in Transit Melbourne by Sid Naidu @thekidsid on instagram

During these transits my life would begin to slow down for just a moment until reached my final destination, giving me enough time for reflection on what I was hoping to accomplish while on the road.

Often I would meet people from different walks of life & exchange stories that has built to my understanding of the world. Each transit has allowed me to see humanity better & find clarity in my own mission to improve the conditions of the world we live in.

By journeying this way I’ve learnt to appreciate the vast wonders of the countries I travel to by taking a path that is less taken by most. By no means have these journey's ever been luxurious ones. I consider them to be more of a mental and physical feat which allows me to test my own limits of comfort as someone who is trying to build a life around the world.

As our journey continues so will our transits between destinations but if we pause & look closely we may notice that our world is in transit too.

Melbourne Groove by Sid Naidu @thekidsid on instagram

Note from the Author: During this year I’ve been taking more moments to appreciate my ability to move through this world freely as I know that is privilege I had to work hard for. We are living in the time where so many people in this world are forced to make transits based on life or death circumstances. I am forever thankful for each journey that I make which is not forced from conflict. As I continue on my journey overseas, I can’t help by start to focus more of my energy back on those questions of how we can improve our current state as humanity if we truly want to move together as people.

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