Comeback Season: The Americas | 2017 

Comeback Season: The Americas | 2017 

A year ago today with bags packed, I boarded a flight to continue onto what was becoming a two year journey of learning, creating and building within the Americas, Asia & Australia. 

I do no justice by trying to explain in a few sentences what these two years of being based on the road independently, has given me personally.

What I will say however, is that from the highs & lows of each journey we are given the tools to find clarity and focus, so that we may write and shape the most authentic chapter of our next story. 

After a comeback to the beautiful city that raised me, today I return back from a seasonal pause in creating to continue journeying into my life vision as a creator, changemaker & aspiring humanitarian.  

The last two years of my work has been based between the Americas, Asia & Australia to focus on the building work geared towards international experience and exposure. The 2017 comeback season is a return to creating within the Americas.

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