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Becoming better at being uncomfortable


Becoming better at being uncomfortable

Streets of Sydney | Sid Naidu Photography 2016 (c) 

Streets of Sydney | Sid Naidu Photography 2016 (c) 

You count down the months that you’ve been away for. You scroll through your social media news feed to see faces that made you belong to somewhere & you attempt to repeat the routines you use to do, in the place you use to call home.

You learn to be present.


You see the months pass by & you tell everyone how quickly time flies. Then you count the time as 4 months becomes 6 & you ask yourself how much more time & energy you have to put in. You start to feel like you’re just buying time to figure your life out.

You learn to be patient.


You play music from artists in the cities you lived in to stay motivated. You try your best to connect with anyone who holds any connection to the places you’re from. You stay speaking to others using the slang you grew up on. When they start picking up the phrases, you no longer feel so far away.

You learn the importance of language & home.


You notice yourself falling back into your old ways but now in a different country. You realize you’ve become less productive by being on the constant go. You accept that you will need to manage burn out as part of your ongoing journey.

You learn the importance of reflecting.


You now understand how traveling a country differs drastically from living in one. You pick at your mind that was developed from your life experiences of seeing the world and you use it to navigate the road ahead. Your drained by the constant uncertainty but you accept that fact that it was what you signed up for.

You learn to adapt yet again.


You take more walks to get away & you spend more time alone to hear yourself. You realize you’ve accomplished what you have set out to do but know you have much more to accomplish. You see that the journey itself has become lessons you needed in life.

You learn to become better at being uncomfortable.

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Note from the author: In 2013 I stepped outside my comfort zone to chase my dreams around the world. What was suppose to be a 1 year journey became a 2 year one. After being on the constant move between different countries, you will see & feel quite a lot. You gain an experience and perspective that is different from most people and you learn a few things on how to keep on moving.

Creative change making has now become the way I fuse my work as a visual storyteller & community builder. The last 2 years on the road has been a lot about positioning as I take the story of Hard Knock Leadership to world.

An idea started a year after I was invited to do this talk for my university on our ability to create change in the world| Sid Naidu — Act on Change TEDx RyersonU