I realized I reflect the most, when in transit. Ploughing through a Fast Co magazine issue on productivity, trying to get back in to that hustle state of mind on the flight back to Toronto. 

Glancing across the pages I flipped past an ad for Turkish airlines which instantly stole my attention. The page stood out in front of me and boldly presented a manifesto that truly embodied the essence of why I travel with a deeper purpose. 

Sid Naidu Photography (c) Panama Archives 2010 

Sid Naidu Photography (c) Panama Archives 2010 

There are those of us who like to VENTURE
To the unexplored
To see the beauty
In the strange and unknown
Those of us who go out there with a sense of WONDER
Bridging Worlds
Cultivating our CURIOSITY
and find delight in our differences (I would also add similarities)
— Unknown

I couldn't have coined it better myself with a final call to action yelling out "WIDEN YOUR WORLD." I'm back home once again with a wider perspective of the world we live in. An aspect expected after time spent off the beaten path abroad. 

Heading out in December with the goal of creating global dialogue around community building, I had another thought in mind. Partially disconnecting from sharing my current thoughts online so I could focus on simply living and taking in the every moment.

I was truly blessed to be welcomed by some friends, to live locally with their families in both Panama & Dominican Republic, making my travels more homegrown and humbling. Being on the road for twenty days between two countries can be quite tiring but returning back home knowing that you have accomplished what you set out to do makes traveling with purpose worth while.

The people you meet along the way, the realities you see while on the road and the time for reflection you have to yourself will only make you want to explore more of this great planet.