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Sueños De La Calle Exposición / Street Dreams Exhibit

Sueños De La Calle Exposición: Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana - Sid Naidu Fotografia 2014 (c)

Sueños De La Calle Exposición: Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana - Sid Naidu Fotografia 2014 (c)

This January I had the honour of hosting my first international photography exhibit in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The exhibit was translated into "Sueños De La Calle" (Street Dreams) and was a compilation that curated eight years of my photography work while living in Toronto, Canada. 

This exhibit was held as an event for a number of youth leaders in the Dominican Republic to build stronger global dialogue and a chance for me to learn about the realities they face. A translated workshop took place around my beginnings as a street photographer / hard knock leader and how art can be used as a tool for community building around the world.

Artist’s Statement

“Sueños de la calle” is a compilation of my photography work. The exhibit aims to interpret the dreams spoken on the streets through black & white images.

Artist Biography

Sid Naidu has been a street photographer since 2003. He uses the art of photography as a tool for storytelling. This year he has launched projects around “Hard Knock Leadership” to create dialogue and action in support of cultural engagement, community building & global citizenship



Tuve el honor de realizar mi primera exposición internacional de fotografía en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana. La exposición ha sido traducida a "Sueños De La Calle" (Street Dreams) y fue una recopilación que resume ocho años de mi trabajo de fotografía mientras vivía en Toronto, Canadá.

La exposición se llevó a cabo por un número de líderes de la juventud en la República Dominicana para construir un diálogo global más fuerte y para aprender acerca de las realidades que enfrentan. La discusión se centró en torno a mis inicios como fotógrafo de la calle / "hardknockleader" lider duro de golpear y cómo el arte puede ser utilizado como una herramienta para la construcción de la comunidad en todo el mundo.

Declaración del Artista 

 “Sueños de la calle” es una recopilación de mi tabajo de fotografía. La exposición tiene como objetivo interpretar los sueños que se hablan en las calles a través de imágenes en blanco y negro.

Biografía del Artista 

Sid Naidu ha sido un fotógrafo de la calle desde el año 2003. Él usa el arte de la fotografía como una herramienta para contar historias. Este año se ha puesto en marcha proyectos en todo "Hard Knock Liderazgo" para crear el diálogo y la acción en el compromiso cultural de apoyo, la construcción de comunidad y ciudadanía global


From Humbled Beginnings


From Humbled Beginnings

The creation of the Hard Knock Leadership initiative 

The birth of Hard Knock Leadership (HKL) came from one particular moment after reaching a milestone in my career.  I had the opportunity to both host and be a speaker at TEDxRyersonU 2012. 

Sharing an experience as someone who had to transform into a leader, speaking on the ability to act on change. I was reflecting on one of my strongest moments as someone who became engaged in process of giving back. 

After the talk was released by the TEDxRyerson Team, I held back on personally sharing my journey so I could reflect a little more on how far I've come. One of the most challenging parts of life is making sense of your own story. I knew that what I shared that day was only scratching the surface of how I came up.  

Today, I'm grateful to have found passion in building a stronger foundation for the future. I'm thankful that I was able to flourish in an environment that I helped create. Most importantly, I'm humbled by how my life has changed for the better, by giving back to others one of the greatest gifts we have; our time.  

"Giving our time is essentially giving our life."

However, the reality is that we don't always think that way. There are many times in life where we are caught in a struggle, a dark place with little light. It takes a hard knock leader to break free of those chains to change their life around, not just for themselves but for the the world that they are a part of.   

It's about a year since my Ted Talk, where I shared an idea about acting on change. Now marks another milestone. The making of something greater that I can ACT on by sharing the stories of leadership for the everyday struggle. HKL is a foundation from where we can build communities together.    

So here is to the humbled beginnings of the "Hard Knock Leaders" in the game and the stories that are the catalyst for the next chapter in our lives

Thanks for reading and check out my Ted talk posted above.

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The Hard Knock Leader