Sid Naidu Photography 2014 (c) A tale of two cities 

Sid Naidu Photography 2014 (c) A tale of two cities 

I woke up from a dream.. a dream of living a life between two cities. 

It was a restless life contemplation on a train, imagining a connection that could be created by being part of two uniquely different concrete jungles, yet not forgetting the third space of a life in transit that would become inevitable. One of the many "what if" thoughts that crossed my mind as I crossed between provinces.  

What is the difference between someone who wishes to settle versus the other who is always on the run?

To me it's nothing more than than the life they choose to live. One finds peace in comfort & certainty, while the other thrives on trying to organize the chaos that they find in constant risk and challenge. Every new journey to a city can bring possible opportunities & my direction has always been guided solely by the love for being on the road. A love which entails, seeing as much as I can see and learning about the realities of the world we live in.

I've visited a number of cities knowing that there is always a possibility to return to that same road some day. My experience as a traveler has always been a collection of stories that inspire me to do more. Every connection and every person met can be a valuable interaction. I've also been blessed to have people who are supportive of my crazy ambition and for this reason I cannot do less. I travel with a purpose to simply be present and build if needed. Someone who I met along the road recently told me "there is a difference between a tourist and a traveler." & that's where the story began.  

Now I'm back in T dot city for two weeks to freelance for a bit before I pack my bags again and YES I've decided to leave what I have know best for a good part of my life to try and learn something new, very possibly in a place where I would have to start from scratch all over again. I've been in a couple of games to know that when making certain transitions we can't be scared to start back at the bottom again, as it only sets the foundation for stronger long term growth.

I spent a week in a MTL to contemplate what the next challenge for me would be and returned still not having all the answers for what's best. However what I do and always have known is that by taking the path less traveled, I can bring a tougher but much richer experience for myself.

I've never known much about the settled life because my life has dictated otherwise, I've always felt like it was meant to be on the run. It's the kind of life where knowing what to pack becomes second nature as part of the travellers identity. Yet for every traveler packing is still an art to be mastered, because every journey requires a different types of bag for every path where new lessons are brought back in it.    

As I looked out the train I realized I was coming home, I recognized passing the boroughs that I grew up around. I remember once contemplating  what life would be like to settle down in those boroughs.

I closed my eyes and returned back to sleep as the urban nomad.

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