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Turning the world inside out through art

If you were given a wish to change the world, what would you do & what exactly would your changed world look like?

Photography was the first tool that allowed me to do something positive with my life & for this reason it will always be my first passion.

My first inspiration came from Jamal Shabazz , one of the first hip hop photographers capturing the New York 1980's urban scene. As I entered post secondary I met Che Kothari, a Ryerson photography alumnus and community leader who helped shape my love for the art. My work took off on campus as I became known for capturing and creating the cultural scenes as a student at Ryerson University in 2005. What I did not see was how my career would transition into taking on leadership roles in the community. 

While leadership had a stronger impact in my life, I would always be in love with a life revolving around culture & arts. My search to find a stronger meaning in photography ended after being introduced to a street photographer named JR, who created large street galleries around the world using portraiture. JR showed me that art could change the world and photography had the power to give people a voice. 

Seeing photography and leadership bridged, HKL launched in 2013 to support both culture and community. Inspired by the work of the Inside Out Project that was created to change the world through art, I informally took part in the project by shooting the some of the many faces of culture at Ryerson University to represent the diversity we have on campus.  JR's video is an example I often use in workshops on how we could use art as a tool for community building. 

Here is my work on Inside Out Culture dedicated to the many beautiful people of Toronto & Canada.  


How would you use art to change the world? #InsideOut

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