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New Year, Same Me, Different Strategy


New Year, Same Me, Different Strategy

The new year is our gift, a brand new chance to say goodbye to our last year’s bad habits & lost resolutions. It’s an opportunity to become the best versions of ourselves once again, so that we can do the same things much differently than we did 9 months ago.

Oh Yes! it’s that time of year again where we get use hearing...

“It’s a new year & this year, is going to be my year!”

Don’t believe in new year’s resolutions? Great! I’m writing this post just for you as revolutionary statement against redundant resolutions. Believe in making yearly resolutions? Well then this one's for you too.

You can call it whatever you want; personal resolutions, life goals or career aspirations. End of the day we all just want to be in the right mindset to own the the start of a new year.

Now we can all start with the right mindset but the challenge comes in keeping that mindset consistent throughout the year, with all the suffocating noise from the realities around us. Every year can easily become another roller coaster ride of ups & downs.

So I’m writing this post to share 3 new strategies that I’ll be using to get me through another year of our crazy lives.

First of all let’s clear the air on this New Year, New Me, BS.

I’ll be human and admit that it is not easy keep the same mindset for the whole entire year. We’ve all jumped on that starting hype at some point (including me), where everyone embraces the momentum for change in the initial first few months of the year. Then somewhere along those first few months, life hits us in the face again & we are back at where we started the year before.

You give up on your daily workout because you had a longer day at work or you have that cigarette on break because, shit.. life is just stressing the hell out of you right now!

BOOM! Old habits can hit you just like that. Then the next thing you know, you end up waiting for another new year to start back on those broken promises to yourself.

Like anything in our life, if we want to see change, we just need to keep working at it. It’s not easy to keep the right mindset throughout the year but it is easy to accept failure by giving up on what we started.

My strategy here is to have a reset button. Don’t just reset at the start of the year, reset every single time you fail so you can stop failing in long run. It’s only called New Year, New Me BS because we give up on working towards our new self before the year even ends.

Whenever shit hits the fan for us this year, let’s hit the reset button & work at it again no matter how long it takes us!

Urban Dictionary definition of badass: Ultra-cool M*****F****R

Urban Dictionary definition of badass: Ultra-cool M*****F****R

Secondly Let’s talk about the importance of a Vision.

If you want to own the year, then you need to have a badass vision for how you’re going to step our game up from the year before. If you haven’t spent the end of your last year reflecting on your highs & lows, then spend the start of your new year making sense of what you we able to accomplish.

Within the last 6 years, I’ve spent my new year’s eve in 6 different countries, waking up to life in a total different reality every single year.
I had a different set of eyes to look at the world with but & I could also see that the new year’s hangover from each new country pretty much felt the same.

Only by looking back on my previous years could I have had the vision to not drink my way into yet another new year. Yes! bringing in the new year sober can be Badassery indeed!

So this is where you to bust out the pen & paper or the digital note option to look back at your past year. Hell, you can go back even further if you like. Try to summarize that year in a sentence or a catch phrase that makes sense to you. Now ask yourself what will the title of this year be for you, based on those chapters of your previous years?

For example after looking back & reflecting on my past year, I’ve proclaimed that 2016 is the year I make my work
World Class.”

Once you’ve developed your new year proclamation or power phrase, take the first two weeks to really map out & massage in the tangible goals that are attached to you living for our new year stance.

The strategy here is that whenever we get lost in direction somewhere along the year, we can look back at our vision like it’s a guiding compass.

A vision doesn’t mean nothing, if you can’t back it up. So don’t forget to create those goals so we can measure how badass we really are.

Lastly let’s talk about living an extraordinary year.

You know that quote that goes something like “if your dreams don’t scare you, then you’re probably not dreaming big enough.”

Well for us perpetual dreamers, there are times that we’ve dreamed big enough to accomplish what we thought unimaginable and now we are left asking “how on earth am I possibly going to top this?”

Since starting this world tour, I’ve trained Mixed Martial Arts in 4 different countries last year. Now I’m not necessarily training to become an Ultimate Fighting Championship contender but I do really enjoy being able to have a sport or adventure based activity that make my life a memorable one.

However the question still remains, how do I take this to the next level?

Well the answer has been quite simple if we are willing to accept the challenge to do more. In my case I look at what’s the next gradual step to what I’m currently doing or I ask myself what’s the next craziest thing I could add to my life that works with my new year vision & goals?

For example leveling up could mean I compete in an exhibition fight, or the next craziest thing I could add on to my life that works with my vision for physical fitness and endurance could possibly be training for the Ironman race perhaps.

The real fun in living legendary comes in finding new things that can make your goals or resolutions even more interesting to take on. So be ambitious in your dreams as there is nothing more beautiful than dreaming about the possibilities of achieving your own greatness.

The takeaway strategy here is for us to do the things that give us life profit by making us realize how every new year is another year to get back to chasing those dreams from where we left off the year before.

Go ahead I dare you to make your year legendary!

Yes it’s a new year, but it’s the same me & I’m just in a different country, coming at you with a different strategy.

Every new year is chance to kickstart that fire inside you again incase it was starting fade out in your past 12 months. Not all years start off the same way, some start off great and some start off rough. We can’t control what life will hand us but we can control how we choose to live regardless of what year it is.

Wishing all you dreamers & hard knock leaders the very best for a badass year ahead!

#1love the kid

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Lessons of a Hard Knock Leader on the Road to 30


Lessons of a Hard Knock Leader on the Road to 30

They say your 30’s will be the true coming of age. It’s a time where you learn to command your life much differently because your lived experiences has made you more in tune with who you are.

 In my 20’s I lived so recklessly that I accepted the idea of living fast & dying young. I was surrounded by a destructive world where I lost friends to the streets, substance abuse, mental illness & dangerous lifestyles. 

I started to silence my emotions and numb my feelings until I fell down the rabbit hole too. I couldn’t imagine making it to 30 with the way I was living so instead I just lived like today was my last. 

I remember reading a piece by Nic Haralambous called advice from 30 year old me to 20 year old me & it made me think about the conversation I would want to have with myself. When a my brother in hustle Hamza Khan wrote & quoted me in his coming of age piece 27 things I learned at 27, I was reminded how life lessons can transcend from one person to another. 

A year ago when I turned 29 & I wrote a post on my birthday to share the lessons that I’ve learned from my journey. Without a doubt it was only in my late 20’s after switching my game up, that my understanding of living life to its fullest had actually changed for the better. 

Today I turn 30 and I’ll be flying back overseas to continue chasing my vision of becoming an international visual artist & change maker. So it was only fitting that I share some hard knock reflections & lessons from my twenties.


Life is short, make every moment count!

I know it sounds cliché but I lived like life was short, so I told myself that I had to make every moment count while I was here. In my early 20’s this usually felt more like selfishly living for today instead of appreciating the beauty of having a tomorrow. 

It was only in my very late 20’s that I finally started making sense of the different circles of thinking I gained from my life experiences around the world. I learned to no longer carry the weight of my past as something that was negative. Instead I accepted it as something that revealed whom I was destined to be.  

I started appreciating how my struggle allowed me to live and think differently from others. Making it through hard times gave me more reason to celebrate & appreciate the life I was given. 

I aspired to live better by chasing experiences instead of money & the celebrations… well.. while it usually involved more drunken nights than I would like to count but it made me realize that I was still learning how to deal with the demons that I picked up along the way. 

As I end my 20’s I’m finding ways to retire from that rockstar life that I’ve know so well by seeking more mental clarity versus the drowning of past pains. 

Despite the care free attitude, what has made my life count the most was constantly re-defining what this life meant to me. I’ve learned to develop more healthier habits that have given me more peace over the years & I’ve accepted my past as reason for who I am today. 

Yes life does feel short when you have been living it a certain way and yes it can get hard & quite sad at times. However you start to learn how to appreciate the people around that have taught you lessons both good and bad. There is value in the struggle & I’ve learned to move away from being a victim in order to start being a game-changer. 

I’ll share this quote from someone I knew who was a recovered alcoholic. 

There are no such thing as bad days, there are only bad moments in a day. Don’t let the bad moments make your entire day go bad. 

What truly makes the our time count are the moments we strived to do better than before. 


I challenge you to define what life truly means to you & spend the next decade of my time here in this world, making that life happen. This is something I’ve committed to myself for my 30’s


Whatever you want to do, just start now! 

How many times have you told yourself, that you wish you could do something like travel? Or how many times have you waited for new year’s to make a resolution about something that affects your life now like quitting smoking or getting physically fit? 

Why do we wait for later if we can just start now?

I’ve taken a page from Robin Sharma piece on the 2 greatest words. This notion of chasing your dreams by acting on the idea of “just starting” really resonated with me. It’s a lesson I’ve been always believed in but only started practicing since leaving my full time career last year, in order to focus on the things I’ve always wanted to do.

Nothing happens unless you move

For me movement is life. In my 20’s I started fighting complacency by constantly challenging myself to do the things that added value to the world. Traveling the world at a young age and seeing the good, bad & ugly realities only pushed me in wanting to be part of the change that was needed. I dreamed about it for years. 

Realize that you can only spend so much time dreaming and wishing for before those thoughts gets lost in the noise and chaos of reality. The longer you wait to take something on, the longer it will take you to get there. 

In my 20’s I made a transition from a damaging life, living and breathing the streets to a professional career where I was helping others find their way. If I did not take this dive to make changes in my life at that point, then I never would have.

It was not an easy transition at all & I struggled with those two changing identities for years but as I continued to start working towards my future, I started to accomplish my life’s worth. 

Even during my current reinvention where I’m starting to work towards my dreams of doing international development & humanitarian work, I first had to fight complacency to not give up on that dream in exchange for settling with the stability & security that could have been offered at home. 

It’s not that I wasn’t content with what I had, It’s that I knew that after making it off the streets that I was destined for more.

Today I’m traveling the world as a change maker and visual artist because it’s what I’ve started dreaming about doing in life & it’s what I’ve decided to just start working towards. Remember I’m not saying it’s easy because if it was, then everyone would be doing it & hard knock leaders are not everybody.  

Our lives change forever when we aspire to live our dreams. When we change our lives, we change our world forever. When we change our world forever, we inevitably change the world of others too. 


I challenge you to start on the life goals you’ve been dreaming about right now. My 30’s will already be changed since committing myself to start living my dreams every single day. 


Don’t let the music die in you!

Without a doubt, my life has changed dramatically since deciding that I was destined to accomplish more. It would always mean living outside my comfort zone in some way, such as entering into neighbourhoods that I once saw as territorial divides to living on the road for the upcoming years instead of settling down with the norm of what everyone else was doing around me. 

It’s not that there is anything wrong in looking for a steady career & financial security. It’s when you choose to settle with something & let the music die in you, that’s when there is a problem. I’ve seen too many people who are willing to be unhappy with their jobs and do nothing about it by letting that work kill them softly.

Now if you have a job be thankful, because there is a million others who would be willing to take it. Just realize that the music dies in us when the job we do takes us away from our reasons to be great & do amazing things. 

When we are at the top of our game, we are like maestro’s commanding the symphony of our life. However when we choose to be average, we give away our talents. When we give up on the talents we’ve earned, the music starts to die in us. 

This may sound harsh but at the age of 30 I’m no longer okay with being average. If I wanted an average life, I would’ve settled as street dealer chasing paper till my death or as a cubicle monkey pushing paper for someone else’s resume.

No disrespect to anyone who is putting in work for survival but take a moment and ask yourself if you are you currently happy OR if are you currently being the best version of yourself? If the answer is NO to both of these questions then you’re probably fallen into the box of mediocrity where the world is constantly being programmed to deliver the message that average is acceptable.

You can spend your 20’s trying to learn from the great’s in order to master your craft. By your 30’s it’s time to focus on to being the greatest by becoming the the master. Not there yet? Well just start because all masters had to be beginners at some point. 

Whatever you decide to do & whenever you decide to do it, make sure it world class. The reality is that there are more sad stories in the world then there are happy ones. People will die at the age of 30 and only get buried 60, don’t let the graveyard be where your dreams finally go to rest. 


I challenge you to make your life a happy one regardless of the difficulties you’ve faced & the ones you will continue to face. In my 30’s the struggle will only fuel my growth as hard knock leader. 


This journey is the one you’re suppose to be on. 

Can there be a guarantee that work we commit to right now will lead us to where we want to be in the future? Are we ever sure the dream we are chasing is even right for us? 

If we had all the answers then there would be no journey. There is no guarantee for success, there is only the will to never give up on it. Those who do journey, know that if that if they don’t take this road, it would only lead to regrets. 

Most give it up on that journey because of uncertainty. Most give up from the fear of failure. 

On every journey someone will hit their lowest low. What reveals our strength is our ability to bounce back from that failure. To bounce back we must accept the journey we are suppose to be on & remove doubt & fear.

I’ll share the words of a brother & mentor who has guided me in the arts, when he was asked about his own journey in life

I’ve come to the realization that life is made up of a billion deep breaths & that’s why I always say to be happy, smile & breath deeply because this is the journey that you’re suppose to be on.

As you grow older you learn to trust yourself more to keep heading down on that journey because you know it was meant for you. You slowly start to learn how to be at peace with who you’ve become & leave behind the person that others expect you to be. You breathe more accepting that YES this is the journey that I’m suppose to be on. 

When we find peace with the journey that we are on, the road ahead becomes a beautiful part of growth in the life we have. We start to take control destiny and show up stronger for our final curtain call. 

At times our identity may feel conflicted from the environments we grew up around, to the different hardships & struggles we have endured. However life is dealt to us, it should never stop us from making the extraordinary happen. 


I challenge you to keep believing in yourself & the journey that you are on, no matter how hard it gets. I hope to look back in my 40’s someday & acknowledge that this is what set my life apart from everything else I was doing. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this personal reflection. Feel free to share your comments or recommend to others if you see value in these words.  
1love the kid  

Note from the author:

I’m going to be disconnecting by getting off the grid for the next bit of my journey as I make a move overseas to Australia & focus on creating new works. 

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As I head back on the overseas for 2016 I want to thank everyone who has been following my journey and supporting me along the way. Stay Inspired Always.


What I have learned on the road to twenty nine

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What I have learned on the road to twenty nine

I grow older with time, but I stay young with the memories that I have made.   A feeling captured perfectly in this shot by a brother, mentor and photographer Jalani Morgan |  |

I grow older with time, but I stay young with the memories that I have made.

A feeling captured perfectly in this shot by a brother, mentor and photographer Jalani Morgan | |

As we get older we often reflect more on the life that we have lived thus far. We think more about the time that has escaped us and moments that have made us. These are a few things that I've learned on my journey to the age of twenty nine.

Be the biggest kid in your crew. The nickname that I've earned growing up may not feel right accompanying me into the latter part of my life but all the memories that I've made as the kid will always be reminisced. No matter how old you are, being young, wild and free is simply a state of mind that will make you feel alive. 

Wake up every morning to accomplish your life dreams & goals. I woke up one day and told myself that everyday not spent towards fulfilling my life dreams is a waste of my life. Chase your dreams sooner by knowing when it is your time to do more and then spend the rest of that lifetime to make it your reality. There is nothing more powerful than a person with actualized purpose. 

Never let money be an obstacle. Cash may rule everything around me but it will not stop me from living my life. I've traveled part of the world to see poverty on different levels. Know that mental poverty can weigh you down as much as physical poverty does. When all we do is chase the paper, we become animalistic. So make money but don't let the money make you.   

Hustle with more heart than hunger. When it comes to my drive, I will spend the rest of my days chasing a vision and fighting for what I believe in.  At the end of my time, my life will only be measured by what I have given back to this world and not by what I have taken for myself. Make a hustle out of giving because it will feed you that much more.

Use the negative energy to create positive. I've used my frustrations and negative energy to launch me forward time and time again. I look for outlets that will let me release the negative and express it positively.  All energy vibrates this world and you control your own beat. If you are not satisfied about where you are in life, know that your the only captain that can change the direction.  

Let movement free your soul. This life of mine would not be what it is today if it was not for the places I have traveled to and the people I have met along the way. For this reason I have committed myself to taking the path less traveled by moving through this world as much as I can. Make time to see the world outside your comforts as pushing yourself to experience more outside the confides of your comfort is what will contribute to your strongest growth.  

Open your heart to love. A lesson I'm still learning as a man who puts a heavy guard around his personal emotions. It is human nature to love but we have often been conditioned to do otherwise and the fear the emotions we cannot control. I've loved and been loved, fallen in out of like, been hurt and hurt others. I've learnt to see that is all part of the journey and being vulnerable is not a weakness. Take more chances to fall in love with life and the people in it. You will see beauty in the everyday when you learn to fall in love with those people over and over again. 

In my  twenties I've learn to treat every new year of life as a new chapter. Whether we make it a chance for change, a time for celebration or a moment for reflection; it is what we have learned along the way that makes the journey so important.  So when the years dawns upon you, be happy with the journey walked, the lessons learned and the life where you simply lived. 

Dedicated to struggles and triumphs that define our story,  the people who have played a part of my life both big or small. Thank you for making this journey one worth living. 

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Warriors Stance: The Greater Hero (Batman Vs. Robin)

Zayan Rafeek - A Muslim Muay Thai Practitioner from Regent Park, Toronto.  (Sid Naidu Photography 2013)

Zayan Rafeek - A Muslim Muay Thai Practitioner from Regent Park, Toronto.  (Sid Naidu Photography 2013)

We all know who the Dark Knight is right? You know the Caped Crusader? World’s greatest detective? Batman? Well I hope so! This man is feared by not just villains but also by some superheroes! Some of which even thought he was a myth. The man that took Superman head on and beat him! (Dark Knight Returns for those that are curious) But there’s been something that’s always bugged me and that was why does a hero like Batman need a sidekick? Is it because Robin needs Batman? Or does Batman need Robin?

Before I share my opinion on the question, let me share a story that helped me come to this contemplation.

Finding The Warrior Within

Kru James Hines owner of Siam No.1 Old School Muay Thai & Ajahn Suchart a world leading Muay Thai expert & owner of Siam No.1 House of Muay Thai, celebrating the first Graham Barton Scholarship received by Zayan Rafeek in 2013

Kru James Hines owner of Siam No.1 Old School Muay Thai & Ajahn Suchart a world leading Muay Thai expert & owner of Siam No.1 House of Muay Thai, celebrating the first Graham Barton Scholarship received by Zayan Rafeek in 2013

I’ve been doing Muay Thai for 3 Years now. Muay Thai is a martial art that originates from Thailand. It’s sometimes referred to as The Art of Eight Limbs or Thai Kickboxing. Unlike normal kickboxing, Muay Thai uses elbows and knees along with your regular kicks and punches. As a participant of a student support organization called Pathways to Education I was offered free Muay Thai classes in Siam No.1 Old School Muay Thai. Owner of the gym is Kru (Thai for Instructor) James “Big Bird” Hines, the first student of Canada’s Thai Champion, the respected father of this Thai tradition, Ajahn Suchart. Of course I never knew what Muay Thai was before that but all I heard on my first day was “one of the most intense martial arts”. Like every other kid that made me curious so I wanted to check out what it really was. And I kid you not, it took only one session for me to fall in love with the art!

Kru James has provided free classes to many students like myself, who are from low-income communities. To this day he hasn’t charged us a single dollar. But that’s not what astonishes me. It’s the fact that he considers us family and made the gym like home. You could tell he genuinely cared for all his students. Often I’d find him cracking jokes, like calling us the ‘adopted ones’. He always took the time to ask if everything was good, supported us when we’re down and always kept tabs to make sure we’re staying out of trouble. Like every other martial arts, learning Muay Thai came with discipline, respect, time management, anger management, self-confidence, patience, etc. (The list could go on and on!) But there’s one thing Kru James taught me that not all gyms teach, and that’s the importance of giving back to your community.

Throughout my stay in the gym I always felt the need to give back to the community. I had an extremely positive experience and I wanted others to have at least the opportunity to have the experience I did. Contributing to your community has a ripple effect, the positive impact it has on one person starts to spread, which ultimately creates a stronger community. I’ve also come to realize how much of a difference a simple act of giving could make. Not saying what Kru James did was small, but he has probably been the first person who inspired me to do something for others. He was the force that motivated me to do something for the community that did so much for me.

Getting The Gloves Dirty


Dont quit! Suffer now & live the rest of your life a champion - Muhammed Ali (Sid Naidu Photography 2013)

Dont quit! Suffer now & live the rest of your life a champion - Muhammed Ali (Sid Naidu Photography 2013)

So I decided to start giving back where my journey began, at Siam No.1 Old School Muay Thai. I volunteered at the gym as an Assistant Instructor for 2 years, helping out in various capacities, ranging from opening the gym to supporting trainers who run classes. As a result, Kru James awarded me as the first recipient of the Graham Barton Muay Thai Scholarship, which allowed me to spend a whole month in Thailand to train Muay Thai. Like any other person who practices Muay Thai this was a dream come true! What I enjoyed the most was training with Legends and those who live and breath Muay Thai. To experience the lifestyle as a Thai Fighter was an experience itself. Thailand’s a stunning country with beautiful people and amazing food. Aside from all of that, my main goal with this trip was to bring back what I learned in Thailand to my gym.

Pain is temporary, Pride is forever - The Unknown Warrior (Sid Naidu Photography 2013)

Pain is temporary, Pride is forever - The Unknown Warrior (Sid Naidu Photography 2013)

Coming back to the original question. Does Robin need Batman or vice versa? Here’s my theory, Batman took the kid who witnessed his parents’ die in front of him (just like Batman’s own story) and provided Robin with a home, training and a purpose. A parallel similar to what Kru James did for me.

Now if it weren’t for Batman, the character Dick Grayson (Robin) wouldn’t become the man he is today. However what if all of that was for Batman himself?  What if this was a chance for Batman to give what he wasn’t given, a righteous mentor. Batman was a darker person before Robin came along (not to mention Robin helped Batman on numerous occasions). Even though it works both ways, I personally feel like Batman needs Robin more. Batman taking on Robin as a protégé was more about passing down his knowledge than performing a charitable act. It was about leaving behind a legacy for a better future in their community, Gotham City. A legacy that, Robin would hopefully someday pass on.

My question to you is, do you have what it takes to be a Batman? Are you someone who uses their knowledge for the greater good!


Warriors Stance is part of the Hard Knock Leadership Collective, sharing the untold stories of culture and community around the world. It was created to build upon the warrior spirit found within mixed martial arts communities in order to highlight their physical and mental dedication to fight for a better life.
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Hard Knock Awakenings: The Urban Nomad

Sid Naidu Photography 2014 (c) A tale of two cities 

Sid Naidu Photography 2014 (c) A tale of two cities 

I woke up from a dream.. a dream of living a life between two cities. 

It was a restless life contemplation on a train, imagining a connection that could be created by being part of two uniquely different concrete jungles, yet not forgetting the third space of a life in transit that would become inevitable. One of the many "what if" thoughts that crossed my mind as I crossed between provinces.  

What is the difference between someone who wishes to settle versus the other who is always on the run?

To me it's nothing more than than the life they choose to live. One finds peace in comfort & certainty, while the other thrives on trying to organize the chaos that they find in constant risk and challenge. Every new journey to a city can bring possible opportunities & my direction has always been guided solely by the love for being on the road. A love which entails, seeing as much as I can see and learning about the realities of the world we live in.

I've visited a number of cities knowing that there is always a possibility to return to that same road some day. My experience as a traveler has always been a collection of stories that inspire me to do more. Every connection and every person met can be a valuable interaction. I've also been blessed to have people who are supportive of my crazy ambition and for this reason I cannot do less. I travel with a purpose to simply be present and build if needed. Someone who I met along the road recently told me "there is a difference between a tourist and a traveler." & that's where the story began.  

Now I'm back in T dot city for two weeks to freelance for a bit before I pack my bags again and YES I've decided to leave what I have know best for a good part of my life to try and learn something new, very possibly in a place where I would have to start from scratch all over again. I've been in a couple of games to know that when making certain transitions we can't be scared to start back at the bottom again, as it only sets the foundation for stronger long term growth.

I spent a week in a MTL to contemplate what the next challenge for me would be and returned still not having all the answers for what's best. However what I do and always have known is that by taking the path less traveled, I can bring a tougher but much richer experience for myself.

I've never known much about the settled life because my life has dictated otherwise, I've always felt like it was meant to be on the run. It's the kind of life where knowing what to pack becomes second nature as part of the travellers identity. Yet for every traveler packing is still an art to be mastered, because every journey requires a different types of bag for every path where new lessons are brought back in it.    

As I looked out the train I realized I was coming home, I recognized passing the boroughs that I grew up around. I remember once contemplating  what life would be like to settle down in those boroughs.

I closed my eyes and returned back to sleep as the urban nomad.

"Hard Knock Awakenings" was created as a form of reflective based storytelling, dedicated to realizations of purpose, struggle & passion in paths of life we have taken. 

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