I grow older with time, but I stay young with the memories that I have made.   A feeling captured perfectly in this shot by a brother, mentor and photographer Jalani Morgan |  www.jalanimorgan.com  |

I grow older with time, but I stay young with the memories that I have made.

A feeling captured perfectly in this shot by a brother, mentor and photographer Jalani Morgan | www.jalanimorgan.com |

As we get older we often reflect more on the life that we have lived thus far. We think more about the time that has escaped us and moments that have made us. These are a few things that I've learned on my journey to the age of twenty nine.

Be the biggest kid in your crew. The nickname that I've earned growing up may not feel right accompanying me into the latter part of my life but all the memories that I've made as the kid will always be reminisced. No matter how old you are, being young, wild and free is simply a state of mind that will make you feel alive. 

Wake up every morning to accomplish your life dreams & goals. I woke up one day and told myself that everyday not spent towards fulfilling my life dreams is a waste of my life. Chase your dreams sooner by knowing when it is your time to do more and then spend the rest of that lifetime to make it your reality. There is nothing more powerful than a person with actualized purpose. 

Never let money be an obstacle. Cash may rule everything around me but it will not stop me from living my life. I've traveled part of the world to see poverty on different levels. Know that mental poverty can weigh you down as much as physical poverty does. When all we do is chase the paper, we become animalistic. So make money but don't let the money make you.   

Hustle with more heart than hunger. When it comes to my drive, I will spend the rest of my days chasing a vision and fighting for what I believe in.  At the end of my time, my life will only be measured by what I have given back to this world and not by what I have taken for myself. Make a hustle out of giving because it will feed you that much more.

Use the negative energy to create positive. I've used my frustrations and negative energy to launch me forward time and time again. I look for outlets that will let me release the negative and express it positively.  All energy vibrates this world and you control your own beat. If you are not satisfied about where you are in life, know that your the only captain that can change the direction.  

Let movement free your soul. This life of mine would not be what it is today if it was not for the places I have traveled to and the people I have met along the way. For this reason I have committed myself to taking the path less traveled by moving through this world as much as I can. Make time to see the world outside your comforts as pushing yourself to experience more outside the confides of your comfort is what will contribute to your strongest growth.  

Open your heart to love. A lesson I'm still learning as a man who puts a heavy guard around his personal emotions. It is human nature to love but we have often been conditioned to do otherwise and the fear the emotions we cannot control. I've loved and been loved, fallen in out of like, been hurt and hurt others. I've learnt to see that is all part of the journey and being vulnerable is not a weakness. Take more chances to fall in love with life and the people in it. You will see beauty in the everyday when you learn to fall in love with those people over and over again. 

In my  twenties I've learn to treat every new year of life as a new chapter. Whether we make it a chance for change, a time for celebration or a moment for reflection; it is what we have learned along the way that makes the journey so important.  So when the years dawns upon you, be happy with the journey walked, the lessons learned and the life where you simply lived. 

Dedicated to struggles and triumphs that define our story,  the people who have played a part of my life both big or small. Thank you for making this journey one worth living. 

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