The creation of the Hard Knock Leadership initiative 

The birth of Hard Knock Leadership (HKL) came from one particular moment after reaching a milestone in my career.  I had the opportunity to both host and be a speaker at TEDxRyersonU 2012. 

Sharing an experience as someone who had to transform into a leader, speaking on the ability to act on change. I was reflecting on one of my strongest moments as someone who became engaged in process of giving back. 

After the talk was released by the TEDxRyerson Team, I held back on personally sharing my journey so I could reflect a little more on how far I've come. One of the most challenging parts of life is making sense of your own story. I knew that what I shared that day was only scratching the surface of how I came up.  

Today, I'm grateful to have found passion in building a stronger foundation for the future. I'm thankful that I was able to flourish in an environment that I helped create. Most importantly, I'm humbled by how my life has changed for the better, by giving back to others one of the greatest gifts we have; our time.  

"Giving our time is essentially giving our life."

However, the reality is that we don't always think that way. There are many times in life where we are caught in a struggle, a dark place with little light. It takes a hard knock leader to break free of those chains to change their life around, not just for themselves but for the the world that they are a part of.   

It's about a year since my Ted Talk, where I shared an idea about acting on change. Now marks another milestone. The making of something greater that I can ACT on by sharing the stories of leadership for the everyday struggle. HKL is a foundation from where we can build communities together.    

So here is to the humbled beginnings of the "Hard Knock Leaders" in the game and the stories that are the catalyst for the next chapter in our lives

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The Hard Knock Leader