We provide Teachings & Keynotes to Empower Youth in Leadership

Hosting & Speaking at TEDxRyersonU 2012 Toronto, Canada.

Vision: Work to improve the conditions of Humanity

Creating a better world begins with empowering our youth to become civically engaged in their future. As a civic leader, I believe that we need to invest our time to create more value in the work we do and the people we connect with.  My experience taking on roles of leadership has allowed me facilitate a number of discussions and workshops aimed at finding solutions to help build stronger communities. 

Mission: Build dialogue to Empower Change for communities

A community doesn't just build itself, it requires champions who are willing to lead the discussion of meaningful change. In 2012, I began a speaking tour with my community at Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada), to share the story of leadership based on my own journey. This tour allowed me to speak to a number of different audiences to delivered a range of topics revolving around creating change and engaging personal growth for community development. 

Teachings & Keynotes


Hip Hop saved My life

This is a transformational story of how someone can go from negative to positive by following their passions to build purpose in one's world. The culture of Hip Hop is a medium for change that provided me with the expression to create more. 

Engaging the disengaged

The most important population to engage are the individuals that are deemed as disengaged. This is the story of how we need to re-engage our generation in the process of being involved in their future.  

Creating leadership legacies 

Waking up every morning to create something that will outlast you, doesn't only allow for your story to be told, it also allows for others to build their own stories upon the legacies that have been left behind. This a story that will echo the importance of creating a foundation that others can build upon.  

The world beyond our comfort zone

As change makers we need to push beyond our inner limits to reach the point where life begins in a world outside of our own. This is the path of life long learning. The story of how we grow by challenging ourselves.  

Serving humanity as a community builder

Our moment to give can be found by living simply so others may simply live. A personal story about my journey and the valuable lessons learned along the way that helped me become a hard knock leader. 

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