Bio: Sid Naidu

Siddhartha (Sid) Naidu is currently serving as a freelance photographer & community organizer after a four year term beginning his professional career as a Student Service Specialist for Ryerson University's Mentoring Program. It was there that he lead a number of projects around cultural and leadership development. As a proud alumnus, he has served the post secondary community from a number of different roles and positions. He is constantly cultivating his passion in various disciplines, as he is someone who truly believes that the world begins where one's comfort zone ends.

Host & Speaker at TEDxRyersonU 2012

Sid's involvement began by founding the first urban cultured student group on campus 2005, which propelled him to being elected by students as the Vice President of Student Life for the Ryerson Students' Union in 2007 & to the Board of Governors for Ryerson University in 2008. Awarded the Dennis Mock Student Leadership Award in 2009 & was a key player in helping lead the university's Athletic Centre Referendum as a student leader.

More recently, his experience has revolved around the growth of underserved communities and the impact that education has on allowing individuals to become the engaged citizens of today. Since 2012 he has focused on speaking to youth about his experiences aimed at building dialogue around creating legacies of change, by simply living to lead.

Today he is building hard knock leadership as a platform for youth to start creating the change they wish to see in their communities.